About Us

What We Are About:

We set up 3D Meetup Dublin to foster a community of people who are passionate about 3D. With our meetups we want to not only provide talks and information for those involved, but also to build strong and beneficial relationships across the industry that will bring about real change and growth.

The meetup was founded in 2016 and we held 8 talks with 10 top speakers from the VFX and Animation industry. We hold 4 events per year every 3 months with more than 80 attendees at top Dogpatch Labs. Beside the talks we held social events where the local community met to enjoy drinks and to chat with each other.

Our Mission: 

To build a strong and supportive VFX/3D network, full of artists and enthusiasts who can create strong relationships across the industry and enact real change and growth.

We want to bring together industry professionals, researchers, students and anyone with a passion for 3D to discuss ideas, projects and new developments in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Past Speakers: