Imagining a Futuristic Dublin – 2018 Summer 3DMeetup with Darko Mitev

We held our 2018 Summer meetup on the 2nd of August at Dogpatch Labs. Our Guest speaker this time was a real rising star in the local scene: Darko Mitev.

Darko is a Senior Character Modeler at Brown Bag Films. Some of his work was recently been featured on 3DTotal and you can see more of his mind blowing personal work on his website:

During his presentation Darko talked us through a break down of his latest 3DMeetup exclusive project of a futuristic Dublin. It was an exciting and informative talk which gave us an insight into his approach to his projects and creative workflow.

It’s always good to see how another artist works and Darko’s presentation was full of practical advices. If you missed the talk we will be including an interview with Darko in our brand new newsletter that should touch on some of his handy tips & tricks!

Following the talk we had a short Q&A and then headed over to the Harbormaster Bar for drinks and networking.

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